The Arrow of Mass Devotion

Cupid is famous for delivering love straight to the heart by an arrow aimed true. This tiny tribute to the God of Love celebrates everything that is pure and true, an Arrow of Mass Devotion with a heart shaped head, ready to be worn by lovers everywhere.

Long before the Romans mentioned Cupid, he was known to the Greek people as Eros, God of Love, with much debate about many of the Greek Gods being Eros’ parents. Cupid was armed with golden arrows to ignite desire and love in both the mortal and immortal worlds. Cupid has his own love story, as do you. Signify your love story by gifting your lover a piece from our Arrow of Mass Devotion collection so they can wear your golden arrow everyday.

Our dainty Arrow Pendant can be worn close to your lover's heart with your choice of sterling silver, solid 9CT gold, or rose gold. Pair the Arrow Pendant with our exquisitely fine Arrow Studs. These studs can be worn both as a drop or positioned along the ear to be worn with other studs. Our arrow design features a tiny heart shaped arrow head and heart carved out in the fletching feathers of the arrow. Tiny symbols of love are hidden within the design. Or celebrate the love you have for yourself, your self love, with one of our Arrow Rings as a daily reminder of your unconditional self respect and self acceptance. Wear this silver, or mixed metal ring with our Stacker Rings as pictured to layer it up!

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