9CT Yellow Gold

Boh Runga Jewellery offers a stunning range of gold jewellery. Boh Runga gold jewellery is made from solid 375 9ct yellow gold, giving the piece durability and a lustrous shine. 

9CT yellow gold is an alloy metal which means it’s made from a recipe of a combination of other metals. Because of this, the colour of 9CT gold can differ due to the outcome of different ‘recipes’, however all 9CT gold has the same component of gold. 24CT gold is pure gold, but has a very intense, deep yellow colour. A combination of gold and silver, along with a few other metals allows a much softer colour of gold which can be seen as more appealing to many. 

We have an extensive and breath- taking range of fine gold pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. Our Egglet Pendant in 9CT gold features 1.8gms of solid goodness in an egglet form, floating on a diamond  cut curb chain. This chain catches and reflects the light, hanging beautifully from the neck. The egglet pendant represents fertility, new life & new beginnings. Our 9CT Lotus Studs sit daintily on the ear of any wearer. Also available in the matching Pendant and Ring form for you to wear and love.
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