A small but meaningful touch to every sleeve. Our sterling silver cufflinks have been designed for every day or occasional wear. 

Cufflinks first appeared in the 17th century and are used to fasten the cuff of a sleeve which has no buttons - commonly known as a French Cuff. Cufflinks began picking up in popularity from the end of the 18th century and now has become a wardrobe essential for many today. 

Our Gentlemens Club Cufflinks showcase a crest with the words ‘Kind, Brave, True’ inscribed on the banner. Qualities which all gentlemen should uphold and live by. Join our club with a pair of these solid sterling silver cufflinks. Our Feather Kisses Cufflinks feature our most iconic ‘Feather Kiss’ design. Two Miromiro, or New Zealand Tomtit feathers cross to form a kiss for your gentleman to wear your kisses on his sleeve. 

Our Cufflinks make a beautiful gift for Grooms and groomsmen alike, to be worn with pride on their special day and to have for his lifetime. Visit our Instagram page and scroll our feed  to see beautiful images of our Feather Kisses Cufflinks worn by a groom on his wedding day. All our jewellery comes with a message card, telling the story behind the design.
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