Aotearoa. New Zealand. An island remote from much of the world. Unique in our flora and fauna. This is a Birdland. These charms are a tribute to the creatures that I love. Take them with you wherever you go.

The birds of Birdland: Fantail/ Pīwakawaka/ Piwakawaka | Black Robin/ Kakaruia | Lovebirds | Tui | Kiwi

The Fantail or Pīwakawaka (Piwakawaka) is a flirtatious little bird who dances around us. His movement is a visual representation of laughter, reminding us to not let little things get in the way or take priority over our happiness. Laughter means happiness in all cultures and unites us all. Laughter is healing. The Pīwakawaka travels between realms and has a close association with spirits passing into the next realm. This sweet bird can be a messenger and a guardian of a spirit which has passed on. Our Fantail design is available in Pendant and Earring form to guard you wherever you go.

Our Robin Pendant and Robin Earring designs are dedicated to a Chatham Island robin named Old Blue. At one point in time there were only 5 black robins left in the world, with only two of those being female. Unfortunately Old Green was infertile which meant Old Blue was the only female who could bring the population back to life - which she successfully managed to do with the help of none other than Old Yellow. The Black Robin population and existence today is credited to Old Blue. 

Our Love Birds Pendant may not be native to New Zealand but are admired nonetheless. The lovebirds design features two love birds snuggling up close to each other, cheek to cheek.

The flightless Kiwi is known as the hidden bird of Tāne (Tane), God of the Forest, because he would only come out at night and be rarely seen. The Kiwi’s feathers were commonly woven into cloaks and worn on special ceremonies. Our Kiwi Pendant is designed looking bashfully over his shoulder. The Tui is a very handsome and vocal bird. Tui’s were trained to sing greetings and prayers to welcome visitors. Wear our Tui Earrings to invite music to your life everyday.

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