A symbol for many cultures of fertility, renewal, re-birth and new beginnings, Boh’s Egglets mark her 10th year as a jewellery designer and the start of more good things to come.

In some asian cultures the egg is also seen as a symbol of luck and wealth. The egg has many pure & positive associations. This collection may be small but its significance is abundant.

With this symbolism in mind the Egglet Pendants make the perfect gift for mothers, expectant mothers or surrogates. The Egglet is also perfect for someone moving cities or countries for a fresh start, someone beginning a new career or job, someone making changes in their lives or someone moving on to the next milestone. There are many life moments and changes which the symbolism behind our Egglet Pendants echo.

Our Egglet Pendants come in sterling silver, solid 9ct gold, and rose gold.
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