Stellar Rose

‘If I could make those stars in the sky
Light your way wherever you go
There'll always be stars in your eyes
You know that I would
If I could…’

Song lyrics from 'If I Could' by stellar*

A collection to honour life's milestones and achievements. Stellar Rose celebrates a coming of age, for Boh in her musical history by marking the 20th anniversary of the album Mix by her band stellar*, and the journey that everyone undertakes in their lives through music, art and exploration of the spirit.

Inspired by the stellar* asterisk and by the stars in the Southern skies. 

A sparkling pattern featuring 21 stones that celebrate the coming of age and the joy of life in all three Starburst, Starburst Button and Stellar Rose designs.

Make a statement in our Stellar Rose Pendant which can be worn at 2 adjustable lengths. This necklace will be the star of the show with it’s unique chain design for you to step up your glamorous style for that important event. Equally as stunning, our Stellar Rose Earrings glisten with movement and are the perfect pair of earrings for any bride to shine in on her special day. 21st birthdays are such a special milestone. 

Mark this milestone by gifting our Starburst Pendant or Starburst Button Pendant to your loved one. Both these designs feature 21 sparkling stones set in the sterling silver starburst or button shape. The 21 cubic zirconias represent those 21 years and the coming of age and achievements for the treasured recipient. For those with multiple piercings, layer our Starburst Huggies or Starburst Button Huggies with our Starburst Studs or Starburst Button Studs to create an edgy everyday look with your favorite pair of denims and a plain Tee - a look we LOVE! These earrings all look just as incredible on their own, their sparkling beauty speaks for itself.

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