Feather Kisses


From that first bonding moment between mother and child, to greetings and goodbyes between friends and the affection and comfort of family. Romantic love would be nothing without the thrill of it. So many kisses, such little time. Kisses are nice to give and even better to receive.

Our most iconic collection is a testament to our timeless designs. Our most popular piece, the Feather Kisses Pendant, is worn and loved by a girl at 16, her mother at 40 and her grandmother at 70. Our Feather Kisses collection features the Miromiro feather, the Miromiro is known as the New Zealand Tomtit. Birds were a vehicle to speak to the heavens and the feathers of some were a token of devotion to bring a loved one back to you. Our Feather Kisses design is available in a wide variety of styles, allowing the wearer to pick their favourite piece or to own many pieces within the collection. A popular trend in the 1980s and now today, our Feather Kisses Thread Earrings are the perfect lightweight drop earring option. Also available with an irresistible solid 9ct gold kiss hanging from the bottom. Stack our Feather Kisses Ring with your own favourites and wear our Feather Kisses Studs to any occasion!

Treat your bridal party and say thank you with a gift from Boh Runga Jewellery. Gift a beautiful, wearable reminder of your special day that your Bridesmaids will cherish with a Mini Feather Kisses Pendant or for the Groomsmen our Feather Kisses Cufflinks which they can wear again and again.
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