Gifts For Him

When it comes to selecting a meaningful gift for the men in your life, we believe less is more. A sterling silver signet ring that he can wear daily, or a pair of cufflinks to mark a special occasion. We’re helping you make the decision easy.

Our Gentlemen’s Club Signet Ring and Cufflinks embody the qualities of a Gentleman. A club for someone who thinks of others before themselves. A club for someone who faces challenges with grace and humour, that stays true to what they care about and believe in. For someone who is a father to his child, a partner and friend to the ones who love them. The Gentlemen’s Club is for someone who is kind to those less fortunate and a champion to small things.” 

The crest features two crossed Miromiro feathers with the words “Kind, Brave, True” inscribed on a banner, the qualities which every Gentlemen upholds.

And from our best selling Feather Kisses collection, our Feather Kisses Cufflinks featuring the iconic Feather Kiss crossed feather design will let him wear your kisses on his sleeve. A particularly thoughtful option if you have a piece from the Feather Kisses collection to match.
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