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Featured Creatures

Get to know the characters, real and imaginary, from the book.

Many of the animals and plants live in different parts of the world and would never be found all together in the same place naturally. The Garden is just special.

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To celebrate The Lotus and The Snowbird in book form, we're welcoming some “charming” new pieces to the jewellery collection that has already captured many hearts.

The Snowbird Little Wing symbolises adventure and an unbound spirit. It reflects Snowbird’s passion for travel, his love for Earth’s inhabitants, and his delight in discovery. Meanwhile, the Lotus Little Flower is a symbol of renewal and growth, representing Lotus’ blossoming curiosity for the World’s magic and its abundant gifts.

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bohboh baby

Our second release in the Bohboh baby range. A unisex print featuring stylised versions of our Lotus designs – The Wing, The Lotus and The Lotus Flower.

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