Starburst Stud


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  • Boh Runga Jewellery Stellar Rose Starbust Stud
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Inspired by the stellar* asterisk and by the stars in the Southern skies. A sparkling pattern featuring 21 stones that celebrate the coming of age and the joy of life.

The Starburst stud extends over the bottom of the lobe, making a glamorous statement piece.

Measurements (Approx): 
Starburst size: 16mm H x 16mm W
Weight (per earring): 1.3gm
Metal: 925 Silver
Stone: Cubic zirconia
Product code: SRSBS01

About this collection:

‘If I could make those stars in the sky
Light your way wherever you go
There'll always be stars in your eyes
You know that I would
If I could…’

Song lyrics from 'If I Could' by stellar*

A collection to honour life's milestones and achievements. Stellar Rose celebrates a coming of age in my musical history by marking the 20th anniversary of the album Mix by my band stellar*, and the journey that everyone undertakes in their lives through music, art and exploration of the spirit.

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