Lil Southern Cross Pendant


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  • Lil Southern Cross Pendant


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Used by ancient mariners to navigate the Southern Seas, the Southern Cross constellation was thought by Maori to be the anchor for a great sky canoe.

Model image for scale only. Lil Southern Cross Pendant worn at 45cm adjustment point.

Measurements (Approx):
Southern Cross Size: 12mm H x 8mm W
Chain Length: 45cm
Weight: 3g
Metal: 925 Silver

Product code: 20-00059

About the collection:

Tiny precious pieces formed from sterling silver, each with a unique design. Pieces have been designed to wear alone or layered with your current jewellery collection.

Each pendant has the flexibility to be worn at different lengths, one for the delicate hollow of the neck, and two further settings so that pendants can sit lower on the décolletage.

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