Double Kisses Pendant


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  • Boh Runga Feather Kisses Double Pendant
  • Boh Runga Jewellery Etch Sketch Limited Edition Gift Box
  • Boh Runga Jewellery Etch Sketch Limited Edition Gift Box

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Two feather kisses dance at the end of this long silver chain. A delicate piece that won't go unnoticed.

Measurements (Approx):
Feather Size: 10mm H x 12mm W
Length to Bottom from Feather Wrap: 8.5cm
Total Length: 80cm
Weight: 7g
Metal: 925 Silver

Product Code: JBFKSP02

About this collection:
What's in a kiss? Much is in a kiss.

From that first bonding moment between a mother and a newborn, to greetings and goodbyes between friends to the affection and comfort of family. And romantic love would be nothing without the thrill of it. So many kisses, such little time. Kisses are nice to give and even better to receive.

Feather Kisses is a delicate jewellery collection which follows the same New Zealand native bird theme as Birdland and The Messenger Stories collections. Feather Kisses takes the Miromiro feather and reworks it into a kiss motif. The Miromiro feather is a magic token of devotion calling back your loved one to you.

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