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Ross Halfin #LifeInLockdown

With a lifetime of experiences traveling the world and shooting the biggest names in rock legend, my friend Ross Halfin talks with me about his #LifeInLockdown in London, fertility genies, being serenaded by Ozzy Osbourne on an alien landscape, and gives us a Show and Tell of some of his favourite art.

You can check out Ross' incredible catalogue of iconic images at 
and on Instagram @rosshalfin and @ross.halfin



Ross Halfin #LifeInLockdown Staylist

What songs do you have on high rotate in lockdown? 
Truthfully I’ve been going through my records playing stuff I wouldn’t normally play and been playing a lot of 
Nick Cave's song 'Distant Sky’, Steppenwolf 'The Pusher’ and Groundhogs ‘Groundhog’.

What is your favourite song of all time?

Led Zeppelin 'Whole Lotta Love' or Soundgarden 'Like Suicide'

What's your go to Karaoke song?
Don't be stupid. 

In your opinion what is the best record cover of all time?
Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother or UFO Phenomenon, as it was photographed next to my house.

Wild card?
Bob Dillon 'Murder Most Foul
’, it's 17mins long. 

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