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Bic Runga #LifeInLockdown

Bic Runga

Hello, my Locked Down friends...

Welcome to #LifeInLockdown, a series of interviews created to hopefully entertain you while you are doing the right thing and staying home, keeping us all safe.

Each #LifeinLockdown will feature a Q & A with people in lockdown too, and a Spotify ‘Staylist' featuring songs as selected by my lovely guests.

First up, my sister Bic Runga. 

Mum of three, award winning singer and songwriter, she is the haunting voice behind the iconic New Zealand anthems Sway and Get Some Sleep. 

She’s in Lockdown in Auckland with her family.

We chat about how these strange times have affected her, and how she believes that art is something that will help us through. 


xox b

P.S. big thank you to Tatum Savage and Gavin Pook for my amazing back drop.



Bic's #LifeInLockdown Staylist

What are 3 songs on your lockdown playlist?

Aaliyah, 'Try Again' because it's the most played song on my iPhone, Madonna, 'Get into the Groove' because this came out when I was a kid and I found it so inspiring, and Taylor Dayne, 'Tell it to my Heart' because I heard it recently and it made me nostalgic for my childhood too.

If you could live in any decade, when would it be, why and what are your top 5 songs from it? Can think outside the box if it's a cover...

80's New York! It makes me think of Madonna, 'Get into the Groove' again, but also things like Television, 'The Song Marquee Moon' and the music that the painter Jean Michel Basquiat made, which I only just discovered, with his group Gray's, 'I Wanna Go Back'. Lou Reed, 'A Perfect Day' and Grandmaster Flash, 'The Message'.

Favourite song of all time? 

Louis Armstrong, 'What a Wonderful World'. 

What's your go to Karaoke song?

'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me' by Culture Club.

 *Song order selected by Boh. For maximum Staylist Playback pleasure please go into your Spotify Settings in your Home screen and go into Playback. Go to Crossfade and set to 12s. Also select Enable Audio Normalization.


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