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Take 5, Elayne Chan

When it comes to storytelling, there is nothing more evocative than a tale told alongside the most perfect of pictures, they capture your imagination and reel you into the page. Meet Elayne Chan, the talented illustrator of The Lotus and The Snowbird. 8 years in the industry and now mainly working in film and television as a storyboard artist, Elayne has taken my simple etchy sketch briefs and breathed life into the words and characters. 


1. We are loving the imagery you have married alongside the story of The Lotus and the Snowbird. Was drawing always a passion for you?
Yes, I’ve been drawing ever since my days in primary school; inspired first by afternoon cartoon shows and then anime of the 90’s.


2. Is there an artist/ work of art or a particular image that made you decide you wanted to pursue the arts as a career?
Pokemon and Sailormoon; these two shows were my first inspiration and motivation to start drawing. And from there, anime became an absolute obsession for my early years of drawing.


3. As a child, did you have a favourite story or book that really moved you?
Not one in particular, but I remember being drawn to the simple storytelling and work of P.D Eastman; in particular Are you my Mom? And the amazing wit and quirk of Roald Dahl.


4. Which was your favourite character to draw in The Lotus and the Snowbird?
There’s so many, but I enjoyed drawing Little Frog, he had great proportions, so it was fun to draw him in any position. As a side, I loved Lotus and the flow of her silhouette.


5. Being creative is part of being human. Being creative in a way that can earn a living, can be hard. What is the worst thing about your chosen career? And the best thing?
The worst thing would be its unpredictability, in all its facets. From its stability as a career to the never ending flow of ideas and critique of ones self. But with its worst features comes its best, as the unpredictability is what creativity is all about! The surprise of a great idea, the thrill of working on it, the joy of putting thought to picture and seeing it all come to life by your own hand and skills.


For more information about Elayne please visit her website.

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