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Introducing bohboh radio & our first episode

bohboh radio the podcast hosted by Boh. ‘bohboh’ is a nostalgic nod to the nickname Boh’s parents gave her as a baby, meaning ‘precious’ or ‘treasure’. bohboh radio carries through this sentimental storytelling theme, inviting well-known guests to share their most treasured childhood stories, and the precious moments they’re creating with their own children.
First up we have our friend Anika Moa. Boh and Anika have shared the stage many times over their musical careers, and in 2020 collaborated on a locket jewellery design for Anika to keep a lock of her pēpi Marigolds hair. That turned into the start of our Bohlab series and a full range of Marigold jewellery.
In this episode, they chat about growing up in Hornby, the difference between a biological father and a sperm donor, and juggling 4 kids with a very busy career.
Listen now on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.
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