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Nathan King #LifeInLockdown

Nathan King Zed

Nathan ‘Pretty Fingers’ King is a songwriter and musician, best known as the frontman of Zed, the band behind such pop rock songs as ‘Glorifilia’ and ‘Renegade Fighter’.

He joins me on the 2nd installment of #LifeInLockdown to talk about the hazards of rabbit reproduction and why the Titanic is now part of his bubble.

DISCLAIMER 1: This is long. We chatted for 30mins, we were on a roll, and I would like to not edit these interviews to keep them candid. Plus, what else have you got to do?

DISCLAIMER 2: When Nathan talks about ‘Inside Bill’s Brain’ and the screen comes back to me, that noise is a motorbike… I swear!

DISCLAIMER 3: Boh Runga Design takes no responsibility for the creation of copycat flying foxes...

If you'd like to take part in Nathan's music video project, email your footage to;

Nathan's #LifeInLockdown Staylist

What are 3 songs on your lockdown playlist?

'Face To Face' - Rex Orange County

'Nerve' – Jordan Rakei

'Come On And Mess Me Up' – Cub Sport

If you could live in any decade, when would it be, why and what are your top 5 songs from it?

'God Only Knows' – The Beach Boys
'Can't Help Falling In Love' – Elvis Presley
'Sweet Thing' – Van Morrison
'The Only Living Boy in New York' – Simon and Garfunkel 
'Blackbird' – The Beatles

Favourite song of all time?
'Imagine' – John Lennon

What's your go to Karaoke song? 
'Angels' – Robbie Williams

Song of yours? 
'Never Too Late' – Nathan King



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