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Take 5, Anika Moa

Welcome to Take 5 where I take 5 questions to some lovely people I know (and some I don’t) and they tell us a little about themselves.

First up is a woman you’ve seen on stage singing her hits ‘Dreams in my Head’ and ‘Youthful’…your wee one probably has ‘Songs for Bubbas’ on high rotate and she has become the Graham Norton of Aotearoa with her X-rated banter in the series Anika Moa Unleashed.

Entertaining you in peak hour traffic alongside co-hosts Stacey Morrison and Mike Puru for The Hits Drive.. Take 5, Anika Moa

1. You have been on the radio ‘live on air’ for a while now… What’s the best thing about ‘live’? What’s the scariest? 
The best thing about being live on air is the rush of adrenalin you get when you know you can't take any of what you say back. Haha! I have managed not to swear (much) and I love the interaction with my colleagues Stacey and Mike. It is a great ‘learning on the job’ job. Really real, raw and makes you so honest - and you learn fast!

2. Lady, you are looking fine. You’ve changed aspects of your life for the better. Any advice for those of us considering making a change? 
Stop coming onto me! Yes, I am running loads and have begun my sober life which was extremely hard to start. I thought my new life would be boring but you have more time to do more of the things you love so it isn't boring at all. You gain strong emotions which you tend to ignore when you're buzzed all the time and clarity that comes with it [being sober]. I am loving my new life and my running makes me feel fit and strong. My only advice would be to take it an hour at a time. Make the decision and do your best to stick to it and if you don't then be kind and gentle with yourself. Talk to yourself as if you would your best friend.

3. The Anika Moa x Boh Runga Marigold collection of jewellery has really struck a chord with people and of course especially mothers. Which is your favourite piece from the new Marigold additions? 

I love them ALL! Anything that has my daughter’s name attached to it brings me to tears and I feel joy that Boh and I are on this journey of deliciousness. Boh is so clever and her vision is grand! I love that you can have a collection of Marigold jewellery then pass it on to your beloveds!

4. You’ve starred on the music stage, on the small screen and on the airwaves. What’s next for you? 

Podcast! Movies! Maybe another Marigold????? Cluck cluck. 

5. And finally, please finish this sentence… “Marigold! Stop playing on social media and go…….”
 massage your mama’s feet! LOL.


To see the Marigold new additions please click here or visit a Boh Runga Jewellery stockist near you 

Anika's 'Song For Bubbas' albums are available here

Watch Anika's Anika Moa Unleashed here

Enjoy your ride home with Stace, Mike and Anika on The Hits Drive 4pm- 7pm weekdays, listen here
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