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Kathryn Wilson's #LifeinLockdown

Kathryn Wilson's Lifeinlockdown

Kathryn Wilson is a shoe designer, respected business woman and arguably the nicest woman in fashion. She took a moment out of her preparations for business under Alert Level 3 to talk with me about Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's ideal shoe, happy songs that make her think about amazing times and karaoke challenges complete with dance offs.

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Kathryn Wilson’s #LifeinLockdown Staylist 

What songs are on high rotate at the moment? 

'9 to 5'- Dolly Parton

'Close to Me' – The Cure

'Losing You'- Solange

'You Are My Sunshine'- Anika Moa, Songs for Bubbas (My daughter's fave)

If you could live in any decade when would it be and what are your top 5 songs from it?


'I Wanna Dance with Somebody'- Whitney Houston

'You Can't Hurry Love'- Phil Collins

'Faith'- George Michael

'What You Get Is What You See' - Tina Turner

'Buffalo Stance'- Neneh Cherry 

Favourite song of all time? 

'Songbird' - Fleetwood Mac

What's your go to Karaoke song? 

'Like A Prayer'- Madonna 

It’s Fashion Week and you have a packed venue eagerly awaiting your runway show… lights go down, and the crowd falls quiet in anticipation… what is that first song you drop?! Pow!

'Lose My Breath’ Beyonce / Destiny's Child

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