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Gifting Stories



"I couldn't stop thinking about the Fan Tail Pendant once i'd seen it, and ultimately had to have it."
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"I love them as they remind me of the love of my friends who continue to support me on my journey to recovery. How’s that for meaningful!"
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"James decided to buy the Miromiro Feather Ring for Jo as a goodbye gift, a piece with a story that was meaningful to them; the feather a symbol they would be together again one day."
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"I feel his presence when I wear my necklace."
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"I love the story of mother and daughter behind the Marigold Locket."
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"When I read the story behind the ring I realised it was perfect to have as the ring we get married with."
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"Every time I see it or touch it I am reminded of my Nana's love for me."
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"The Feather Kisses Pendant was chosen by her to symbolise all the butterfly kisses I gave her as a child. "
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"My sister and I purchased and engraved this gold locket for our Mum, who turned 70 on the 14th of November...
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