Down to Earth Wreath Collar Pin and Brooch


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  • Boh Runga Down to Earth Wreath Collar Pin and Brooch
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A promise of new beginnings the Pod Bracelet with a dangling sparkle of peridot reminds the wearer to look forward to every day.

Measurements (Approx):
Stone Size: 5mm Diameter

Wreath Size: 18mm H x 30mm W
Total length: 3cm
Weight: 4g
Metal: 925 Silver & Green Perido
About this collection:
Feel the ground beneath your feet. Feel it bring you a sense of being centered and calm. Know where you came from and how this shapes you. But don't let it dictate you. Meet the future with good humour and hope, no matter what comes your way.

Be grounded. Be kind. Be Down to Earth.

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