BTS Kathryn Wilson X Boh Runga Campaign Photoshoot

A snippet behind the scenes of our campaign shoot for LOLA, a bohlaboration between two long time friends & business women, Kathryn Wilson and Boh Runga. This 'Bohlab' reminds us that women can be strong in their femininity. That when they share their experiences and knowledge with each other, we all grow.

Designed to be shared with girlfriends, mothers and daughters, Lola is a modern day homage to the friendship necklace; a symbol of strength and aroha.... A single Lola heel, one of Kathryn's hero shoe designs named after her daughter, hangs delicately on the chain with a gold capped toe. We adore the fact that you can also personalise this piece by adding an engraved heart charm to sit alongside the heel.

We had a lot of fun with this shoot, it began with sourching Barbie shoes from across the country and spraying these pink (nothing like a bit of Kiwi DIY), luckily the design team we work with are incredible at editing, so they could magically turn us into professional painters... By the end of the shoot our hand cut confetti was just about everywhere but we managed to get the shots!

We loved the bright colours, mixing scales for a sense of surrealism , and the doll house like feel of this campaign shoot. We would like to share a bit more of what goes on behind the scenes with you all, so we hope you enjoy taking a peek behind the curtain from pre to post production.