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Rhodium Plating

All of our sterling silver jewellery is rhodium plated. Rhodium is one of the rarest and most expensive precious metals. When sterling silver jewellery is rhodium plated it prevents tarnishing, gives the jewellery a high shine finish and makes it more resistant to scratching. Sterling silver is
a delicate metal though and it will age and tarnish over time.

Why Does Sterling Silver Tarnish?

This is not a defect but the result of a natural chemical process that occurs when sterling silver is exposed to materials containing sulphur and acids (such as those found in sweat and skin oils or mineral swimming pools).

Anything, from medication, perfume or the pH balance of a person’s skin, can affect the extent of tarnishing
to a piece of jewellery. Humid environments will also accelerate tarnishing. It is important to care for and clean your jewellery regularly to prevent any tarnish or discolouration from occurring.

Gold Plating

Our gold plated jewellery is made in sterling silver then plated in gold. Gold plating will wear off with use so if intended for daily wear will require re-plating eventually. This can be done for a fee.


The beauty of pounamu becomes more lustrous with wear, absorbing the natural oils from your touch and your skin. As such it should never be washed with a chemical cleaner as this can damage the stone. If you must clean your greenstone beyond wiping with a soft cloth please do so gently with a mild detergent and dry immediately.
Be careful to avoid knocking or dropping your pounamu against a hard surface as this may cause cracking or chipping.

Cleaning Your Jewellery

We do not recommend the use of silver dips on our jewellery as this may remove the rhodium. Gold liquid dips are not recommended for our gold plated jewellery either. When the plating becomes discoloured, clean in warm water with a delicate soap free substance for no longer than 10 minutes using your fingers or a soft toothbrush to clean into grooves. Rinse the piece in water and gently pat dry with a soft cloth. Finish by polishing the jewellery with a clean polishing cloth.

Formulated liquid dips for solid gold jewellery are available and are highly effective in removing tarnish and surface dirt, bringing back shine and luster. For best results directions should always be followed carefully and care taken.

Other Jewellery Care Tips

When it comes to sterling silver jewellery it is always best to avoid wearing it in water, in particular swimming pools and spas, as chlorine can damage your jewellery in a very short time.

Where possible avoid contact with shampoos, perfumes or deodorants. We recommend removing jewellery at night before sleeping and when doing manual work such as gardening or cleaning.

Common habits such as pulling/sliding a pendant along a chain may stretch the chain and weaken it over time.

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