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Rocking Aretha

While establishing herself as a designer over the past 15 years, Boh never stopped singing or playing guitar. Now she’s returned to the recording studio, with her rendition of Aretha Franklin’s, ‘Rock Steady’ co-produced with P-Money.

As well as being one of Boh’s favourite songs of all time, Rock Steady is a celebration of fifteen years: Rocksteady.

“I’ve had the opportunity in the past to sing Rock Steady live, the most recent with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra at their Aretha show in July of last year. It was such fun! It reminded me how much I truly love the song. I danced so hard, I broke a heel, but thankfully it didn’t give out completely ’til I got off the stage and back to the dressing room…"

“No-one can top Aretha; all that energy in the instrumentation and that grit and growl in her voice in Rock Steady is amazing. The version I’ve done with Peter is a wee twist on all that is familiar, the melodies are there, sure, but our take on it is a wee side step, a slinky, pared back tribute.”

Rock Steady is available now on all streaming platforms, listen here on Spotify. 

Pictured: Boh and P-Money at Bigpop Studios.

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