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bohboh radio episode 2: Monty Betham

We’re joined by multi-talented sportsman and all-round good human, Monty Betham. Monty is the former Warriors captain, and has been named both the New Zealand and Samoan Cruiserweight boxing champion. He’s also written a book, Baring My Soul, and graced our screens on NZ reality TV and via sports commentating. Monty now spends his time supporting small and marginalised businesses as co-founder of Indigo and, as well as raising two beautiful kids with his wife, Jaymie.

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bohboh radio the podcast hosted by Boh. ‘bohboh’ is a nostalgic nod to the nickname Boh’s parents gave her as a baby, meaning ‘precious’ or ‘treasure’. bohboh radio carries through this sentimental storytelling theme, inviting well-known guests to share their most treasured childhood stories, and the precious moments they’re creating with their own children.

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