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Nick Honeyman's #LifeinLockdown

Nick Honeyman is a celebrity chef and owner of one of my favourite restaurants in Auckland, Paris Butter, which will be delivering gourmet comfort food to heat & eat at home from next week. He chats with me about the unique opportunity for a restart, why he gave up cello and the perfect omelette.

Find how to order the new menu from Paris Butter here and for Nick's omelette visit IG @chefhoneyman


Nick's #LifeinLockdown Staylist

What songs are on high rotate in lockdown?

'Crosby Sweater' Hilltop Hoods

'Reality' Lost Frequencies, 

'Prayer in C' Robyn Shaults 

'Wicked Games' James Vincent McMorrow 

If you could live in any decade when would it be, why and what are your top 5 songs from it?  

This is a hard one. I think I just missed the Love parade and that was a bit of me in my youth but the 60s seems like the decade I would love to have seen most..   

'House of The Rising Sun' The Animals 

'Dock of the Bay' - Ottis Redding 

'Brown Eyed Girl’ Van Morrison 

'Paint It Black' The Rolling Stones 

'Born to Be Wild' Steppenwolf 

Favourite song of all time? 

'Are You With Me’ Lost Frequencies 

What's your go to Karaoke song? 

'Jeremiah was a bullfrog!.." 'Joy To The World' - Three Dog Night 

If you were Romeo under Juliet’s balcony, with your ghetto blaster, what song would you hit play on? 

'Kiss Me' Rebel, Sophie Simmons

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