What piece did you gift?
Mini Fan Tail Pendant

Who did you gift to?
All of the women in our family

What drew you to this piece?
Our family recently lost one of its pinnacle members - our Mother and Grandmother. As her oldest granddaughter the bond I had with her was indescribable. Some of our favourite memories were walks in the Riverton Bush. On these adventures at least one piwakawaka would join us, and Nana would tell us about how the birds were bringing messages from our loved ones in heaven. On the day she died I bought the Mini Fan Tail Pendant for all the women in our family. Our Nana will wear this pendant around her neck forever and I will wear mine for as long as possible. Every time I see it or touch it I am reminded of my Nana's love for me, my love for her and how we can get through tough things with love.

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