Ever find it hard to choose a gift for someone? Or how about telling someone they’re special? Maybe you’d like to congratulate a work colleague on a job well done? Or wish a good friend a Happy Birthday without a ‘run of the mill’ birthday card? 
Treating Cards are the perfect gift when you’re stuck for ideas. “I can’t think of a better way than to give a card that also has jewellery with it. This collection is a fun way to gift that will be sure to brighten up someone’s day”.

Made from sterling silver, each necklace is fashioned into an exclamation mark featuring a different semiprecious stone to best reflect your special someone.

Each necklace comes with a ‘Ta very much’, ‘Good on you’, ‘Older & Better’, ‘Love You’ or ‘You’re Awesome’ card to choose from. No matter what personality you’re looking to gift to, there’s something for everyone. The best part is they’re also customisable - blank on the inside for your own personal message. The Boh Treating Pendant is the perfect punctuation on these unique cards!