Discologo Studs Silver


  • Boh Runga Jewellery Discologo Studs Silver
  • Boh Runga Jewellery Discologo Stud Silver
  • Boh Runga Sister Boh Dangles Story Card
  • Discologo Studs Silver


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A new Boh Runga classic. The iconic Feather Kiss crossed feather design featuring  the native Miromiro feather, reworked into a modern silhouette.

In Māori mythology the Miromiro feather was a magic token of devotion that would bring loved ones back to you.

Model image for scale only. Also available in 9CT yellow and rose gold.

Measurements (Approx):

Size: 9mm Diametre
Weight (per earring): 0.7g
Metal: 925 Silver

Product code: SBDDS01

About this collection:
For the sister with a bold and brave streak. Featuring the iconic feather kiss and droplet designs, reworked into modern silhouettes, and introducing Te Huia; a stylised modern take on the Huia feather. With the sad extinction of this unique New Zealand bird examples only exist in paintings, museums and private collections. Immortalised now in precious metals Te Huia and her Sister Boh Dangles friends live on with you.

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