Sister Boh Dangles

For the sister with a bold and brave streak. Featuring the iconic feather kiss and droplet designs, reworked into modern silhouettes, and introducing Te Huia; a stylised modern take on the Huia feather. With the sad extinction of this unique New Zealand bird examples only exist in paintings, museums and private collections. Immortalised now in precious metals Te Huia ( and her Sister Boh Dangles friends live on with you.

Traditionally worn by leaders and chiefs  in the hair or around their neck, the Huia feather was a symbol of Mana and leadership. The Huia birds would have one mate for life. With distinctly different beaks between male and females to forage for food, one without the other could not survive. The Huia feather was also commonly given as a precious token of respect and friendship which would be forever treasured by the receiver. Gift Huia feathers to someone who you hold in high regard with our Te Huia Earrings or Te Teina ō Huia Earrings.

Our jewellery is bought as a gift by people for both themselves and others, a piece of New Zealand to take with them to wear wherever they go. Boh Runga Jewellery makes the perfect gift. This was solidified with the recent gifting by Prime Minister Jacinda Arden of the 9CT gold Discologo Studs (that feature the Feather Kiss motif) to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and she has since been spotted often wearing them on her travels around the globe.
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