Inspired by the famous buddhist monk Sengai Gibon’s painting, Shapes celebrates three simplistic forms; the circle, the triangle and the square. Often called "The Universe” Sengai left the painting untitled, allowing us to take our own meaning.  Shapes are the representation of the mystical into the tangible. Adapted into sleek modern pieces, the wearer can reflect on their meaning of transition, acceptance and that life is ever fluid for us all.

Make a bold entrance in our sophisticated and sleek ‘Shoops’ (Shaped hoops), available in the three shapes of Sengai Gibbons painting, the triangle, circle or square. Our Shoops come in yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver, as does each style in this collection so you’ll always be spoilt for choice! The trio of shapes can be worn in both pendant and bracelet form. This collection takes the intangible universe into precious tangible pieces of jewellery you can wear everyday. Wear the universe on your sleeve with our Shapes Bracelet, or close to your heart with our Shapes Pendant. This collection is refined for the modern, discerning woman. Our single pendants are designed to be worn layered with their adjustable chain lengths. Layer the Triangle Pendant, the Circle Pendant, and Square Pendant for a decadent look, or wear them individually as your everyday pendant. To compliment your everyday pendant, pick your favourite pair of Shapes studs, Triangle Studs, Circle Studs or Square Studs. They will soon become your go-to earrings! This collection showcases modernist silhouettes which can be paired with so many looks.
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