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  • Boh Runga Jewellery Triangle Pendant
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The Triangle is the beginning of all forms that the inquiring human mind with all its senses and ability to reason demands.

A beautifully fine pendant designed to be layered with your other Boh Runga favourites.

Model image for scale only. Triangle Pendant worn at 45cm adjustment point. Also available in sterling silver and 9CT rose gold.

Measurements (Approx):

Triangle Size: 6mm H x 6mm W x 0.8mm D
Chain length: 45cm, 43cm, 40cm points approx. 
Weight: 1.8g
Metal: 9CT Yellow Gold  

Product code: SHPT01-9Y

About this collection: 
Inspired by the famous buddhist monk Sengai Gibon’s painting from the 1800s, Shapes celebrates three simplistic forms; the circle, the triangle and the square. Often called “The Universe” Sengai left the painting untitled, allowing us to take our own meaning. My shapes are the representation of the mystical into the tangible. Adapted into sleek modern pieces the wearer can reflect on their meaning of transition, acceptance and that life is ever fluid for us all. 

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